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I find delight in the smallest of details.

And I am often surprised to find that these smallest of details lead to a much larger truth.

Susan began her photographic journey in 1982 with this vision and it still holds true for her today. Although her subjects have changed, her vision remains constant.  As true with many, her artistic career began learning to photograph her children.  After a short time, however, the scope of her work began to grow as she began to experiment with other subjects.  Susan has attended workshops and taken courses taught by other photographers and spent considerable time studying the works of past and present photographers.  Her work has gone from the darkroom to digital, which has given her much more freedom and creative license.

Her work has been shown in galleries from New York City to Berlin.  Although she has won numerous awards, nothing makes her happier than giving one of her photographs to a friend.

Susan grew up in Michigan and attended the University of Michigan.  She moved with her husband to New York in 1978 and there they raised their family.  In 2012, Anna Maria become their home.  

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